Monday, June 1, 2009

Teenage Zombie love

heyo, just wanted to show a little preview of a little book my friends and I are going to release really soon. The theme is "Zombies, Ninja's and Pirates". So I thought I should do a zombie piece, that involved teenage love..aaaaahhh. So yeah, can't wait for it to come out...So you can all BUY IT!! moooohahahahhaa


Shane Plante said...

JOHNNY!!! WOW!!! you don't know me...but dig this! A great friend/co-worker (Jenn Haggmen) Recommended your work to me...And holy crap I am happy she did...

I really love your WORK! Your lines are confident and powerful, wicked silhouettes, strong posing, and above all...AWESOME SUBJECT MATTER!

your stuff is awesome, inspiring to say the least....looking forward to seeing more!


Art Fan Ako said...

The title is already interesting. Catchy cover!

winchester said...


Fuck your awesome John John. Really fuckin sweet dude.