Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avengers Assemble!!

Happy Belated CANADA DAY! right on....anyways, yesterday I went out for a good ol' canada day foosball session in Yaletown, and went all over the place. then at the end of the night I realized I lost my pack pack with my sketchbook and pencils and markers!! I i just got a sweet brush pen I am finally trying out....really cool..pick one up. anyways, luckily, the good folks at SOHO billiards found it and I just got it back...Whew....anyways. I did this quicky sketch of THOR trying to play around with the Brush Pen, then I just kinda started doodling the avengers.....well, just Iron man and Cap for now. hopefully I can get the rest of the guys in there...oh well....just messing around. have a good weekend!