Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avengers Assemble!!

Happy Belated CANADA DAY! right on....anyways, yesterday I went out for a good ol' canada day foosball session in Yaletown, and went all over the place. then at the end of the night I realized I lost my pack pack with my sketchbook and pencils and markers!! I i just got a sweet brush pen I am finally trying out....really cool..pick one up. anyways, luckily, the good folks at SOHO billiards found it and I just got it back...Whew....anyways. I did this quicky sketch of THOR trying to play around with the Brush Pen, then I just kinda started doodling the avengers.....well, just Iron man and Cap for now. hopefully I can get the rest of the guys in there...oh well....just messing around. have a good weekend!


Jarrett said...

Nice, Johnny! I love the linework, and Captain America's face is reeaaalll nice.

TH3DEN said...

Dude these are freakin awesome!! :D great shapes i love Thor, specially the arms and hands :D.

Shane Plante said...

WHAT!?!?!?! alrigiht before I tell you how friggn' crazy awesome this stuff is...let me tell you that I forgot to FOLLOW YOUR BLOG, MAN! HAHAHA I just thought you hadn't posted in a while. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jesus, anywas man...I really love that captain america! His expression and arms are amazing! HAHA man, he has the look of a teenager who doesn't know what he got himself into.


winchester said...

those are sweet.
so glad you got your bag back bud.

Milio said...

Pretty things you make man! They are super super heroes!Cheers from Argentina!