Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here's a tid-bit of a piece I am working on for the next SKETCHROSPECTIVE book we are working on. The theme is Cowboys Robots and....DINOSUARS....coming to stores near this HALLOWEEN! premiering at the Victoria Comic-con! Alot of great artist are contributing to this, so your local vancouver artist and buy the next copy of Sketchrospective!


jesse winchester said...

I LOVE it! Wicked sketch Johnny.
Can I buy a copy of the book without going to Victoria?

Kuan-Fu Chen said...

Mmmm~~ May I have one poster, Please :)

jesse winchester said...

sounds good man. lemme know when you got that book for sale.


Laura Braga said...

Hi Johnny,
my compliments for your works, i love your line work! ;)
see you soon!