Thursday, December 17, 2009

Camper Pampers again!

Heyo! well I haven't posted anything in a while, so Here's a doodle I got a chance to color up in between work, lunch and FOOSEBALL (how did I get sooo addicted to that game?!'s all your fault!) anyways, THANKS EVERYONE soooo much for coming to the book launch for the Sketchrospective 2nd book-Cowboys,Robots & Dinosaurs, it was a really great turnout.And for anyone that didn't get a copy, I promise to hook ya'll up with one. Plus it was my birthday too, to that was also a bonus. Gawd im getting old.....I'd better do something meaningful...soon. oh well, anyways later peeps


jesse winchester said...

OMG! THats one sweet ass design.
LOVE your use of tapered shapes, line quality, and sense of character.
Look out Steven Silver!

Kuan-Fu Chen said...

Nice!! love it:)

macaronni said...

I love the expression there Johnny.

Tis been a while. How are you doing these days?

TH3DEN said...

dude that is sick!! happy new year to you and Tamara bro!! :D